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NeuroFlex® Test is a set of protocols (each under 60 seconds) in Virtual Reality that measure the subject’s eyes and head position as they perform simple tasks. Each test is designed to evaluate a specific brain health reflex.

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NeuroFlex® Report translates advanced research into accessible tools, that create a longitudinal record, metrics and test results providing an objective assessment of ocular motor function and brain health.

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NeuroFlex® Training allows you to customize and develop targeted treatment plans right away. Virtual reality exercises stimulate and assist performance and rehabilitation based on the test results.

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The new standard of care

A concussion is a brain injury, so we need to critically evaluate the brain’s function to localize and measure the impact of each injury. With this information, you can design targeted treatment plans and evaluate progress to improve results and recovery timelines.

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What are Vestibular Disorders?

Vestibular disorders include dizziness, balance issues, migraines, Menière’s disease, and more. Until they are properly identified and treated, they can be debilitating to live with, but diagnosing them properly is difficult.

We profile the vestibular system deeply, quickly, and comfortably in just a few minutes. That way, patients and doctors know exactly what is wrong and what to do.

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Neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, can be difficult to pin down. They are often not diagnosed until late stages if ever, making them difficult to treat. NeuroFlex® provides objective measures of brain performance, which are scientifically linked to specific disorders and thus, help you assess the status of your patient’s brain health with confidence.

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NeuroFlex® provides novel, reliable metrics that can help clinicians objectively assess brain health in neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). Although definitions vary, NDDs can include impaired motor, learning, language, communication and /or sensory functions. The most prevalent NDDs are attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability.

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Built by leading experts

Professor ‘Mimi’ Galiana, is the Chief Medical Officer of NeuroFlex®, whose research is internationally recognized, is a leader in the field of eye and head movement analysis and Professor Emeritus at the Department of Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Medicine, McGill University.

Dr. Galiana has published over 200 articles in top peer-reviewed journals and has made significant breakthroughs on neuromuscular control, with a focus on binocular control with a moving head.

Her work has also been presented at numerous conferences and presentations (>260), with much of it being the result of having mentored over 50 Masters students, PhD students, and Postdoctoral Fellows to completion.

As a world-renowned leader and researcher, Dr. Galiana was named Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) of the Canadian Engineering Institute and held the prestigious post of President of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

Dr. Galiana came to understand that although her work had tremendous potential, much more was needed before it could help patients. This drove her passion and perseverance in creating intelligent brain health technologies, as a means of improving the standard of neurological care. Translating this advanced research into accessible tools continues to be at the core of the NeuroFlex® product today.


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